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Southern Composite Gondola


In 1928, Lenoir Car Shops built 500 composite gondolas using the same 41’ 6” flat car design as series 116850-117349 (another of SMMW’s kits). Gons were numbered 117500-117999 and rated at 50-ton capacity. Typical construction practices of the era were incorporated: bolted stake pockets with wood stakes, 2x10 side and end boards, steel plate corner supports and a steel T-brace at each end. Similar cars were used by the B&O;, WM and PRR except for car length and stake spacing variations.

Between 1938 and 1942, nearly half of these cars were converted to pulpwood racks. ORER’s show that 223 gons were converted to wood racks and another 100 reduced to flat cars, leaving only 171 gons on the roster. By 1957 steel gondolas were the preferred style and the few remaining composite gons lingered into the mid-60s; the last car dropped off the roster after the 11/73 ORER issue.



The 1-piece body includes the sides, ends, stakes w/ pockets, deck and underframe … all in one, grey-tinted, urethane casting. Simply install the supplied brass weight and cover with a cast urethane insert to complete the basic construction. Grab iron holes are located with dimples cast into the body. Details include a sheet of bolster plates, brake levers, etc. Injection molded parts come from PBL and Grandt Line. The “fully loaded” kit includes Bettendorf-style trucks, Kadee 802 couplers and laser-printed decals.

See kit options and pricing below. Kit No. 64-G3. Complete kit including laser-printed decals, SHS trucks and Kadee 802 couplers . $65. Kit No. 64-G3x . Same as above less trucks and couplers. $55.





64-G3 Complete kit w/ decals, SHS trucks & Kadee 802 couplers $65.00
64-B1x Complete kit w/ decals, no trucks or couplers $55.00


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