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Southern 41' 6" Flat Car

Southern Railway operated a small fleet of 41’ 6”, 50-ton flat cars starting in 1926 and lasting into the 1970s in revenue service. Many were converted for use as transfer cabooses, composite gondolas, derrick boom idler flats, wheel hauling cars and ribbon rail train idlers. Many lasted well into the 1990s in MofW service for NS. The pilot model represents a car as it would have appeared in the 1950s but decals allow you to model the car from 1926 to the late ‘60s. The kit is composed of 3D CAD designed patterns built using the StereoLithography process (“SLA”) which faithfully reproduces the fine rivet, stake pocket and Z-frame details. Each kit consists of pressure-cured, industrial-grade, tinted urethane castings. The frame is a 2-pc assembly providing a pocket for the brass weight (included); the deck is a 1-pc casting, complete with simulated “wood grain” and nearly 800 nail holes; details include a sheet of bolster caps, brake levers, etc. and stake pockets. Injection molded parts come from PBL and Grandt Line. The “fully loaded” kit includes Bettendorf-style trucks, Kadee 802 couplers and laser-printed decals.

See kit options and pricing below. Kit No. 64-F1. Complete kit including laser-printed decals, SMMW trucks and Kadee 802 couplers $65. Kit No. 64-F1x. Same as above less trucks and couplers . $55.





64-F1 Complete kit w/ decals, SMMW trucks & Kadee 802 couplers $65.00
64-B1x Complete kit w/ decals, no trucks or couplers $55.00


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