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Southern 50' Waffle Box Car

During the first half of 1974, Southern Railway took delivery of 1,025 "waffle side", 70-ton boxcars built by Pullman-Standard at their Bessemer, AL plant. Most are still in service today wearing variations of the as-delivered paint scheme, post-NS merger Southern "stick" lettering and full NS lettering.

The model represents the first two series of cars. Included in the kit is a 1-piece urethane body, underframe and a sheet with doors and details, a custom-designed coupler box to fit the Kadee 802s, the cross-over walkway on each end and a forming jig for the brass walkway supports and grab irons, custom laser-printed decals, our new Barber 70-ton roller bearing sprung trucks with 33" wheels and rotating end caps, an 8-page set of color instructions containing the Pullman-Standard stenciling and brake diagrams, (2) prototype photos and a broadside shot of the pilot model.


See kit options and pricing below. Kit No. 64-B2 . Complete kit including laser-printed decals, SMMW roller bearing trucks and Kadee 802 couplers . $80. Kit No. 64-B2x . Same as above less trucks and couplers . $70.





64-B2 Complete kit w/ decals, SMMW Roller Bearing trucks & Kadee 802 couplers $80.00
64-B2x Complete kit w/ decals, no trucks or couplers $70.00

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