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Central of Georgia 41' ventilated boxcar Kit

The long awaited S-scale, Central of Georgia Ry. 41-foot ventilated boxcar is now in stock and available!

The paint scheme shown here represents a car repainted in Macon, GA in 1946 as it would have appeared with minimal weathering in 1950-52 (denoted by the new reweigh data). Retirements started en masse in 1948 as they were converted to pulpwood racks. Cars not used in the rebuilding program were retired during the 1950s; some were transferred to MofW service and renumbered. According to the November 1957 ORER, 13 cars were still in revenue service. Over 95% of the patterns were created using 3D CAD (Solidworks) and StereoLithography in order to faithfully reproduce the fine detail of the prototype, specifically the ventilated doors, siding and end ribs. Each kit consists of a 1-piece urethane body with separate underframe, a sheet of details, parts from PBL, Grandt Line and Tichy, Kappler sugar pine strip wood for those wanting to model the interior, weight and laser-printed decals. A "fully loaded" kit includes SHS trucks and Kadee 802 couplers. See kit options and pricing below. Kit No. 64-B1 . Complete kit including laser-printed decals, SHS trucks and Kadee 802 couplers . $70. Kit No. 64-B1x . Same as above less trucks and couplers . $64.





64-B1 Complete kit w/ decals, SHS trucks & Kadee 802 couplers $70.00
64-B1x Complete kit w/ decals, no trucks or couplers $64.00


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