S Helper Service Box Cars


All S Helper Service Box Cars come with AF Compatible couplers and wheels installed ready-to-run, and with code 110 scale wheels included in the box. They are pre-drilled for KD style couplers.

Some cars have multiple numbers. Multiple car orders will be shipped with different road numbers where possible. If you have specific number preferences, please note in the comments section of the order.

Click on the sample images to enlarge them. There are pictures of many of the road names which are viewable from the order page.

Just In! Four new Double Sheathed Wooden Box Cars, each with at least two road numbers!

Click on any of the above images to see full size, and order below.

Sample Picture Select Road Name Availability Purchase
USRA 40' Double-Sheathed Box Cars $49.95
USRA 40' Single-Sheathed Wooden Box Cars $49.95
40' Steel Rebuilt Box Cars $49.95
40' Wooden Stock Cars $49.95


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