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Hoquat Hobbies carries the complete line of S scale wood/cardstock building kits from Lehigh Valley Models!

We now have the complete S Scale line from Lehigh Valley Models available for ordering on our website. We will be adding more pictures soon!

Picture (Click for full size) Kit Number Description Price Order
  LVM100 Stair Jig This wood and cardstock jig is very simple to assemble. Use this jig for constructing stairs for use with any of the older LVM kits or for building stairs for your own model. The kit does not contain any stair parts but will enable you to assemble stairs of any length. $4.95
LVM01 Branchline Station This kit builds a compact branch line station that has everything. A shingle roof, cast double hung windows, a cast doorway into the ticket office, a freight platform and cast freight door, and a cast chimney to make it attractive and easy to build. Seven different station names are supplied. This station only occupies an area 6" x 8" including the roof overhang and the price is right! $41.95
LVM02 50,000 Gallon Water Tank A highly detailed, wooden water tank found on all railroads. This kit makes a high or low tower for S or Sn3. The unique method of applying tank bands simplifies assembly and prevents them from dropping down due to temperature changes. Both plastic and metal castings make this into a beautiful model. Occupies a 5" square area. $49.95
LVM03 100 Ton Wooden Coaling Station For mainline, branch line, or small engine terminal. Fits into a 3.5" x 7" area. Northeastern wood parts, metal window castings, and very thorough instructions with many drawings make this nicely detailed kit easy to build. Give your hopper cars a perfect destination. $66.95
LVM04 Angelo Bova Wholesale Produce This trackside cinderblock building handles wholesale produce and sells to smaller markets and grocers. A good destination for your refers and express refers. Two freight doors on the one side and a door in front for unloading and loading cars and trucks. Truck load at the platform in front. Building occupies an area 4" x 12 1/4". It has a refrigeration unit located on the flat roof. A tapered tin roof with rain gutters and downspouts covers the rest of the building. All parts are precut wherever possible making for easy construction. $36.95
LVM05 Crossing Gate Each kit has enough castings, wood parts and eye pins to make one pair of old style wooden gates up to 30 feet in length. Printed black-and-white stripes are made to be glued on for your convenience. These gates can easily be made operational and they balance in any position. $13.95
LVM06 Electric Utility Pole Kit The kit includes 12 crossarm castings, wire, 6 poles, 2 light reflectors, 2 transformer castings, 24 climbing spikes, and the necessary instructions to make any kind of pole you desire. $15.95
LVM06C Cross Arm Castings This is a set of 12 crossarm castings, as included in LVM06. $10.95
LVM06T Transformer Casting This is a single transformer casting, as included in LVM06. $0.95
LVM06R Light Reflectors This is a single light reflector, as included in LVM06. $0.95
LVM07 Continental Canning Co This is a brand-new canning company. It is "L" shaped, stands 8 1/4" high, occupies an area 12" x 16", and can be used with one track into the building and the truck loading platform as shown, or with a short track paved over alongside the truck platform for trucks to load and unload. This is a brick and concrete building with modular type construction. There is a large water take on the roof. There are several colorful signs to choose from: Continental Canning Co. (red, white, and blue); Coca Cola (red and white); Corrugated Box Co. (green and yellow); and Toledo Tires (yellow, orange, and black). There is a corrugated platform roof above a concrete loading platform. All parts precut wherever possible. A good destination for referrers, stock cars, and boxcars. $82.95
LVM10 Hawk Milling Co Unlike the towering grain storage silos typical of the Midwest, this building can be found along almost any siding in a small town or village, or on the outskirts of a large metropolis. The prototype received various grains by boxcar or covered hopper which was stored in the silos and processed to mixes for use on the farm or in homes which was packaged and hauled away by truck or boxcar. Model takes a space 5.5" x 17". A sheet of colorful printed signs comes with this kit. Most of the parts are precut to size for easy assembly. There are 31 window, 2 door, and two large loading door castings supplied. Give those airflow hoppers and your boxcars a destination to be assigned to. $88.95
LVM11 Water Tower This is a model of the U.S. Telescopic Water Column made up of three pewter castings: a spout and its support, the valve shut off wheel, and a base. When assembled, these are mounted on a brick and cement foundation containing a drainage and grading. The soout can be swivlled out over a locomotive tender. Easy to construct. $11.95
LVM12 Engine House We have brought back a bigger, better, locomotive house. This 21 1/2" long cinderblock and concrete building can be a diesel house, a locomotive works, a car repair facility, or even a factory, depending upon your desires. It is 10 inches wide, has 5 1/2" track centers (for use with AF) and stands 8 5/8" high. The four door openings measure 4 1/4" high by 3" wide. There is a 17 inch long work platform inside between the two tracks with steps on each end. It is constructed of Northeast precut wood, card stock, printed cinderblock, and printed transparent windows. $81.95
LVM14 Coal Breaker The first of three kids which build a complete coal mining facility but this is all you really need to represent your mine. It consists of a hardwood floor, N.E, corrugated siding, printed Windows, pre-drilled foundations, and heavy card roofs all precut to make assembly easy. Choice of five mine names. Model uses 10" x 12" area and fits two loading tracks on 3" centers. Resourceful modelers can make this mine operable to load their hopper cars. $88.95
LVM15 Mine Head For those who want a complete model, this is the super detail kit. It is the entrance to a slope mine where coal is brought to the surface. A covered conveyor and tower join this unit to the LVM14 breaker. Dummy coal cars, track, electric locomotive, overhead wire supports, a large transformer, and utility poles make this model extremely realistic. It covers an area 6" x 20". The step-by-step instructions are illustrated throughout making this kid very easy to assemble. A large three-quarter view drawing shows all details clearly. $84.95
LVM16 Powerhouse This tall building with its towering steel guyed stack and connecting water tank really completes a mining facility. Its purpose is to make electricity to run pumps, the mine locos, and all the machinery. It takes an area 3.5" x 13" and could be used as a factory powerhouse. All three mine kits can be assembled to occupy an area 15" x 40". $63.95
LVM17 J. Harry Jones Coal Co. A duplicate of a real Allentown coal dealer's facility with changes made for compression and convenience. Metal window and door casings are used in the attached office building. Signs are furnished or you can substitute your own. A wealth of drawings and step-by-step instructions make this easy to assemble. Takes an area 6.5" x 12". $54.95
LVM18 Freight House Even after the days of steam there wasn't a town or city that did not have a freight house along its railroad tracks. Your piano, carpet, bicycle, or Sears Roebuck order usually had to be picked up at the freight house. There was no UPS delivery. This model occupies an area 5" x 14". Cast double hung windows, doorway, and roof supports make it easy to assemble. It has a shingle roof and a large platform. The platform roof and roof end fancywork give this building a lot of mid-Victorian grace and beauty. $61.95
LVM19 Elevated Crossing Shanty As a companion to our LVM05 crossing gate here is a unique tower which exudes railroad flavor. It will only need a 2 inch square area and stands tall at 4 1/2" to the roof peak. All cast windows and stairways make this a joy to assemble. Now you can complete your crossing protection. $19.95
LVM20 Brownhoist Pillar Crane This little workhorse makes an ideal companion to the LVM18 freight house, a warehouse, or an unloading platform. It consists of seven detailed castings and has three different types of cab to choose from. It is an exact 3/16" scale. The entire unit swivels upon the base. Add fascinating detail to your layout for a few bucks. $19.95
LVM21 Reading Water Tank This is a model of a tank once used on the Reading Railroad at Gordon, Pennsylvania, which was supported by a circular brick and stone base which probably housed other materials used on the railroad. The model has a cast spout, turnbuckles, and window. Northeastern stripwood and card stock parts make this tank easy to construct and results in a very attractive model. $37.95
LVM22 300 Ton Concrete Coaling Station More massive and more modern than our wooden coaling station, this giant could be found in engine terminals and along mainline junction points. It has four coal chutes and two stand pipes. It takes an area 6" x 8" and stands 15 inches high at the hoist tower. Designed for 3 inch track centers with the coal unloading track 5 inches away from the one track. Windows, doors, and pulley wheels are all cast. Everything is precut wherever possible to make for easy assembly. An eye-catching piece of scenery for any model railroad. $59.95
LVM24 Row Houses Now, only S has a kit to build rowhouses similar to those found in towns and cities in the Northeast and in other sections of the US. Kit includes 12 door, 42 window, 4 canopy supports, 4 chimney castings, and nine Grant line posts and 8 railing castings. All wood and card stock parts are cut to size wherever possible. Brick in shingles are supplied by Model Hobbies. Possibilities are numerous. Two units together for a longer row. A bay added to the end home, or a barber shop or hair dresser with a sign. A row of garages, backyards added, or windows arranged to suit needs. 11" x 7" area required. $80.95
LVM27 Rectangular Switch Tower Signal towers were erected at yard entrances, crossovers and crossings to throw turnouts and signals, send up orders and otherwise expedite traffic. The upper floor houses the levers to accomplish the above, and the lower floor was used for battery, tool, and parts storage. It was a very necessary building for any railroad before centralized train control came into use. This model requires an area of 3" x 5.25". It contains 21 double hung window, two door, and three smaller rear window castings. All parts are cut to size as much as possible. $43.95
LVM28 Bulk Oil Depot Since the 1920s, oil has been pushing coal into second place and the railroads have played an important part in this changeover. Home heating oil, various gasolines, drums of oil and grease, were distributed to local dealers. This model is perfect for use on steam or diesel era layouts and its equally at home in a large city or a small country town. The bulk oil depot is condensed to conserve layout space, but is so designed to allow the model builder to add more or larger tanks to suit his needs or space. Extra piping can also be found in your own close closet in the form of heavy clothes hangers. This model is assembled upon a 6" x 26" piece of 1/8" thick hardboard or masonite to make it easier to move to its location on the layout. This hardboard is not furnished due to its large size. All other parts are precut to size wherever possible. Window and door castings make assembly easy. The emblems and various signs are furnished in bright colors. The instructions contain many drawings to simplify construction and there is even a large section explaining how to enclose your depot with realistic looking chain-link fencing. $78.95
LVM30 Lehigh Lumber Co. This old lumber storage shed and its attached office can still be found today in almost every small town or large city. It will provide another destination for your flat cars, gondolas, and boxcars loaded with lumber and other related products. It takes a space 6.5" x 11.5" and even sports a radial saw and saw table. Attached office can be located on either end or behind the shed on either end. At least four lumber piles are included with the kit. Lots of detail. All parts are precut. $75.95
LVM31 Combination Station Tower In the days of steam before CTC control, when telegraphers, towers and a dispatcher controlled the traffic, a unit such as LVM31 was a busy place. This model takes an area 5" x 10". It contains 28 double hung windows, one freight door, and three door castings. Whenever possible, parts are precut to exact size and many are color-coded to make them easy to identify where they are used in assembly. This station is good for use along a branch line, Main line, or situated near the lead track into a yard complex. Bay and station roof end are decorated with a sunray design. $68.95
LVM32 500 Ton Coaling Tower A 94' high round concrete coaling tower with covered loading track. Services three tracks. Has lots of detail including the coal loading car and all ladders, stairs, and platforms. Takes an 8.5" x 11.5" space. Design for 2 3/4" track centers with a coal unloading track 5 inches from the outside track. Can easily be changed to use with 3 inch track centers. All parts are precut to fit wherever possible. $56.95
LVM33 Fork Lift These forklift trucks can be found almost anywhere there is an industry or on any freight loading platform. Fork lift actually raises and lowers. All the parts are precut to size with only a small amount of shaping necessary. Good companion to LVM18 and LVM07 or any truck unloading scene. Kit also includes enough precut wood parts to make three pallets. $10.95
LVM35 Baggage Wagon We still see these little wagons around stations in terminals being unloaded or loaded with mail bags, suitcases, boxes, parcels, and various other items hauled by baggage or express cars. All parts precut, and wheels rotate. Colorful with green body and red wheels. $10.95
LVM36 Coal Loader These endless conveyors can still be found in any respectable coal yard fulfilling their job of loading coal from bin to coal delivery truck. Easy to build in one evening. Can be used around LVM17. $9.95
LVM38 Corrugated Box Co. This 6 1/2" high factory has an impressive water tank and colorful sign. The office end has a loading platform for railroad cars and trucks. It can be All brick, or brick with concrete reinforcing posts and windowsills (painted gray instead of covered with brick paper). Takes an area 8.5" x 19". All the wood parts are precut wherever possible. Interior of the factory has a silhouette of various machinery in case you wish to use interior lighting. 73.95
LVM41 Hercules Cement Co. Bulk cement plants furnish the materials used in making concrete such as sand, crushed stone, and cement. It is all stored in silos and fed by gravity into the mixing hopper on ready mix cement trucks. This model takes a space 8 1/2" x 11 1/4". A good source of revenue for your railroad's covered hopper cars. All parts are precut wherever possible and lots of drawings added to the instruction sheets to make for easy assembly. The sign is also furnished. 69.95
LVM42 Sand House A very detailed replica of the B&O sand house. Base is heavy card stock overlaid with corrugated and 1/8" sheath stripwood sheet. Sand was dropped into reinforced storage bin, conveyed into tower house, heated and fed to loco domes through a spout. Takes up an area of 6" x 3 1/4". Parts precut wherever possible. 38.95
LVM43 Engine House A brick building as used by small railroads or branch lines to house their steam, diesel, narrow or standard gauge locomotives. The building takes an area 6.5" x 19". It can be all brick or the vertical and horizontal braces can be all concrete. It is made up predominantly of card stock, Northeast strip wood precut wherever possible, covered with stone and brick paper overlays. Tracks are on 3 inch centers. The LVM02 water tank and LVM11 water column would be good companion kits. 54.95
LVM44 Bud Ice Co. The end bunkers in all refrigerator cars had to be filled with ice to keep the contents from spoiling. Build this icing platform to take care of your reefers. All parts are precut to size. Instruction sheet is loaded with drawings to aid in assembly. Bud ice Co. takes up an area 3.5" x 39" and can accommodate four reefers. Ice and loading chutes are included in the kit. 62.95
LVM48 Gantry Crane New York Central prototype traveling gantry crane kit with revolving wheels. These cranes could move on their own rails, straddling several tracks, and the winch house enabled the operator to transfer loads from one railroad car to another, onto a truck, or vice versa. They were used industrially or in lumber or beam yards. Any flat rail yard should have one. This crane requires an area of 10" x 12". All parts are precut as much as possible. 48.95


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