Grand River Models Building Kits

Hoquat Hobbies announces a new kit from Grand River Models!

Grand River Models is a new company, focused on S scale structure kits! Their aim is to offer you a quality product that includes everything you'll need to create a complete scene. Detail parts are custom-made for these models, and are not available anywhere else. And each release is limited to a certain number of kits; once they're sold out, they're gone forever. The first kit, Greg's Grocery, is in stock now. A second kit is currently in the design phase.

Greg's Grocery is the first release from Grand River Models. The kit features cast-resin walls and sidewalks, and includes a chimney, skylight, ventilation ductwork, storefront signs, barber pole, electric meter and downspouts. The stairway, breezeway, crates, skids, park bench, and fencing are laser-cut wood. The laser-cut produce stands feature cast-resin fruit and vegetables. You'll also get details such as boxes, bottles, cans, fire hydrant, garbage pails and cement blocks - over three dozen individual parts in all. A sheet of printed signs is included, as well as resin lampshades and stripwood for building a wall-mounted billboard. 250 kits will be offered.

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Greg's Grocery is typical of many commercial structures built between the1880's and 1920's across North America. The barbershop next door is designed to look as though it was built as an addition to the main building. These types of storefronts can be found in both cities and small towns, so the structure is suitable for just about any locale and any era, on any layout. Only 250 kits will be produced. Footprint: approximately 9.5" X 11" $119.95


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