Freight Cars


Do we have Freight Cars! A railroad need freight cars to earn revenue, and we have what you need to bulk up your operation! All the current production from American Models and S Helper Service, plus some that they don't even have any more! Check the menu on the left side to find what you need by manufacturer.

New PS 50' Box Cars from S-Scale America (Des Plaines Hobbies)!



We've added 3 more Smoky Mountain Model Works Resin Freight Car Kits, for a total of five! These are excellent kits, and build into beautiful models. Click on any of the pictures above to get more information!


Just posted: American Models Tank Cars, Reefers, Hoppers, and Gondolas.

Three new Exclusive Hoquat Hobbies Cars just in! We also have several other Special Run cars, that no one else has! Check the menu on the left to see what we have available.


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